Introduction of Wan Chi’s Ocean Current Energy System


The Advantages of Ocean Current Energy System:

Despite the development of wind and solar energy technologies decades ago, fossil fuels are still contributing to over 80% of our energy consumption. With the near depletion of fossil fuels and its alarming damages to the environment, new alternative energy sources need to be developed before it is too late. This has prompted a global search for new renewable energy sources with better efficiency and output consistency.


Recent Progress

In May 2020, with consent of Taitung County Government and Green Island Fishermen's Association, Wan Chi’s 400KW pre-commercial ocean current system is going to be tested on the eastern coast of Green Island. About this 400Kw pre-commercial ocean current system, it comprises 8 matrix-array turbines with 50kW rated power capacity, the length and width of each turbine are 13 meters and 5 meters, The goals of 400KW pre-commercial test are performance of matrix-array turbines, capability of coping with Typhoons, generating stability, and operating durability.


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