Large Diameter Pipe

Large Diameter Pipe

The Wan Chi's pipe mill is one of Taiwan's finest pipe mills with a annual capacity of 10,000 Tons and the only one with Real-Time RT equipment.
Wan Chi is API-certified pipe manufacutrer and receive world wide acceptance and approval from different industries area.

  •  The mill has the capability to produce high strength line pipe grades up to X-70
  •  Latest testing equipments ensure adherence to international stan-dards.
  •  External and internal coating facilities with a capacity of up to 100,000 square meter annually
  •  On line Shot blasted and external PE coating facility
  •  Easy access to port and road ensures timely delivery of orders across the world

In addition to the delivery of complete pipe mills, Wan Chi offers a wide range of supplementary services for successful completion of your project and the long-term operation of your production plant.
Working closely with our customers, we are developing tailored solutions for individual requirements. The degree of automation, production output and the quality standard which needs to be achieved are the key factors defining the final structure and workflow of the individual production steps.

台北大巨蛋 Taipei Dome

陶朱隱園 Agora Garden Luxary Building 


興達電廠棧橋 Steel Pile for Jetty





We use pressing & rolling as forming methods.  All welding seams are made by submerged arc welding.

1. Type:
Submerged Arc Welded Pipe

2. Range:
Thickness = 9mmt ~60mmt
Diameter = 500 ~ 4000MM
Length = 6M ~ 12M (one seam to be 20”~48”)
Material:carbon steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel

3. Capacity: 100,000 tons/year



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2013 海氣象觀測塔鋼管樁
業      主:海洋風力發電股份有限公司 工程案號: WP13-035 工程名稱:「竹南風場」海氣象觀測塔新建工程 / 鋼管樁製造                    API 5L X65 PSL1*1800 OD*25T*60ML...More
2014 台電林口電廠 Blowing Out Piping
2014  台電林口電廠  Blowing Out Piping A672 GR C70 CL.22 660ODx56Tx6000L More
2013 台電大林電廠煙囪區鋼管樁
業      主:中鼎工程股份有限公司 工程案號: WP13-026 工程名稱:台電大林電廠煙囪區鋼管樁預製工料                 SKK490*800 OD*19T*40ML*161pcs*2,382 tons   More
2012 OPTC PTA-3 鋼管
2012 OPTC PTA-3 鋼管   Size Layout MTO Q'TY Unit Weight(kg) DESCRIPTION 20" STD 96.0 M 11,222.4 PIPE...More
2012 台電林口電廠鋼管製作
2012 台電林口電廠鋼管製作   外徑 (inch) 外徑 (mm) 厚度 (mm)         36        914.4 &...More
2011 Powertec 寶德 鋼管
2011 Powertec 寶德 鋼管 PIPE/ ASTM A672 Gr.B60 CL.12 Ø36” * 10t CAP / ASTM A234 Gr.WPB / ratio= 2:1/ JOB STD/ 60” * 15.88tmm MITTER/ ASTM A672 Gr.B60 CL.12 /R=1.25D/5 PCS 60” * 15.88tmm ...More
2010 萬大水力電廠 壓力鋼管
2010 萬大電廠擴充暨松林分廠水力發電工程第IV標壓力鋼管及水工機械工程 編號 規格 單重 (kg/支) 數量(支) 總重 (kg) OD   (mm) X 厚度 (m...More
2007 高雄永安→苗栗通宵海底LNG管線
2007 高雄永安→苗栗通宵海底LNG管線 Achievement on API 5L X65 offshore pipeline for Chinese Petroleum Corp.  >>LNG Gas Pipeline Project  >>Steel Pipe Piling Project Taichung- Tunghsiao-Taotuan...More
2002 龍門核四循環冷卻水道工程
2002 龍門核四循環冷卻水道工程  WP90092 Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant No.4 Circulation Cooling Water Discharge Tunnel Project  >>SKY490 鋼管樁 2904 M 22t ×1500OD ×36300L ×80支  >&g...More
1996 台電興達棧橋鋼管樁
1996 台電興達棧橋鋼管樁   Storage Yard 現場儲放區     Offshore construction 海上施工   More
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